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Live Stalls

34ERS LIVE STALLS - Upcoming Events 

Welcome to 34ERS LIVE STALLS, where we bring you a delightful array of upcoming events featuring the finest men's halal shorts from the 34ers clothing brand. Join us for a series of exciting events that combine fashion, culture, and delectable Halal cuisine. Mark your calendars for these fantastic occasions:

Halal Food Festival

halal food festival event

Date: 27th - 28th May (2 days)


Bowlers Exhibition Centre
Longbridge Rd, Trafford Park, Stretford, Manchester

Indulge in a gastronomic adventure at the Halal Food Festival, where you can savor mouthwatering dishes from various cultures. While you're there, don't forget to check out the exclusive collection of 34ers' stylish men's halal shorts, combining comfort and fashion seamlessly.

John Lewis Stratford Westfield

john lewis stratford

Event Date: WC 24th July (7 days)

Location: John Lewis, Westfield, Stratford City

Join us at John Lewis, Stratford Westfield, for a week-long shopping extravaganza. Explore the latest trends in men's fashion and discover 34ers' premium halal shorts, thoughtfully designed to elevate your style. Shop with us and experience a blend of fashion and culture.

John Lewis Trafford Centre

Event Date: WC 14th August (7 days)

Location: John Lewis, Trafford Centre, Stretford, Manchester

Get ready for an unforgettable shopping experience at John Lewis, Trafford Centre. Discover a wide range of men's clothing, including 34ers' halal shorts, which combine modern style with respect for cultural values. This event promises a week filled with fashion and fun.

Halal Food Festival Manchester BEC Arena

Event Date: 19th and 20th August


Celebrate the rich diversity of Halal cuisine in Manchester while exploring the 34ers' collection of men's halal shorts at the Halal Food Festival. Enjoy the best of both worlds as you indulge in delicious food and find the perfect shorts that embody comfort and elegance.

John Lewis White City Westfield

john lewis white city

Event Date: WC 28th August (7 days)

Location: John Lewis, Westfield White City

Join us at John Lewis, White City Westfield, for a week-long event celebrating men's fashion. Experience the exclusive showcase of 34ers' halal shorts that are tailored to perfection, making a fashion statement without compromising on cultural values.

Make the most of these exciting events and immerse yourself in a world of men's fashion and Halal culture. 34ERS LIVE STALLS promises an unforgettable experience where you can discover the perfect blend of style, comfort, and cultural appreciation with our remarkable men's halal shorts. We can't wait to see you there!