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About Us


To be recognized worldwide as The Home of Three Quarters. To be the pioneers of ingenuity, contemporary style, and authenticity, rewinding history and propelling 34ERS® into the future. Representing one body, a brand that covers and protects your values and beliefs.


The idea of THIRTY4ERS (34ERS) was founded in the summer of 2020. A vision to create a new, contemporary fashion line was birthed. Our garments have been made from sourcing the highest quality materials to give you, the customer, the best clothing experience.

Inspired by great American sport teams like the San Francisco 49ers, we at 34ERS seek to innovate and break the mould. From caps, hoodies, tracksuits and T- Shirts, we have it all. We strive for excellence, diligence and results. 34ERS are turning back the hands of time to bring you not only clothes for the present, but those from the past. 34ERS were an item of yesteryear, but now it is time to elevate it into modern times. Our wide array of clothing can cater and fulfil all needs. We are the pioneers of ingenuity, contemporary style and authenticity.

We are 34ERS.


Message from your CEO:

The whole concept behind the brand is to be


You are probably wondering how this idea came about, right?

The idea came to prominence during a family holiday in Turkey, back in 2012. Coming from a Muslim background, our five daily prayers are a fundamental part of our lives. Salah (prayer) is one of the five pillars of Islam, it is part of our identity, it is everything to us Muslims. Whilst on a holiday, it was prayer time and me and all my cousins and brothers were wearing shorts, and as part of prayer your knees need to be covered or your prayer will not count.

We were in a sticky situation and we needed to pray, so we all tried to pull our shorts down, but then our boxers were showing. We left that prayer wishing for the times where we could walk into any shop and find nice stylish three quarters.

Fast forward to 2020, where I thought of bringing that idea into fruition and by the will of Allah SWT we managed to fill that void. But now with your help, we want to take it to that next level, we want the world to know us as the home of Three Quarters.

We should never have to compromise our religion and who we are to enjoy the summer- we should embrace what makes us unique.

Feel free. Be real.